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29.9.09 17:16

Remix reviews Propellerhead Record

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"Record is a truly impressive all-in-one recording solution that will appeal to users of varying skill levels. Its creative approach to many areas of music production will certainly give it an edge in a field already crowded with choice. The program's amazing CPU efficiency and almost unbelievable internal mixer are certainly its major strengths. Combine this with total Reason 4 integration, and you may see people moving from other DAWs to join the party."

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17.9.09 14:41

Propellerhead Record is Sound On Sound front cover!

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Propellerhead Record is honoured with Sound On Sound's front cover on the October 2009 issue. More soon ...

9.9.09 12:04

Record released for worldwide sale today!

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And it's out!

Propellerhead Software today released for sale worldwide Record, the recording software that puts the musician in focus. Record, software for both Mac and Windows, combines effortless recording and a stunning software mixer console with a limitless rack of audio processing gear that builds itself or can be infinitely customized. Over 50,000 users tested Record during its beta test period, which began in May.

“We figured it was time that someone took a fresh look at recording from a musician’s perspective. Not needing to bolt music features onto an aging audio application, we truly started from scratch with full knowledge of today’s computer architectures and capabilities. Record is the result,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. “In short we wanted to do what we’ve always done—help people make more and better music.”

4.9.09 17:08

Record wins coveted Recommended Award on

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Record has won the coveted Recommended award on the highly respected IT Reviews website. IT Reviews has a readership figure of over 700,000 monthly visitors.

" ... a genuinely attractive proposition for songwriters who want to record with real instruments rather than just synths; and by integrating it with Reason, Propellerhead has delivered an all-in-one recording studio suitable for any kind of music and all kinds of musicians."

28.8.09 15:01

It's here!

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... ready to be in your hands on 9th September! :-)

27.8.09 17:16

UK delivery of Propellerhead Record confirmed

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Sound Technology (we're the official UK distributor of Propellerhead) is pleased to say the UK delivery of Record is confirmed to be with us well in advance of the release date 9th September. UK stores will have stock on 9th September are now taking pre-orders!

Record - £229 SRP inc VAT
Record for Reason Owners - £115 SRP inc VAT
Record Reason Duo - £437 SRP inc VAT
Record Reason Duo Student / Teacher Edition - £270.24 SRP inc VAT

The latest astounding Record review this month comes courtesy of Music Tech Magazine. The new audio-recording package from Propellerhead receives the MusicTech Excellence award for scoring 10 out of 10, plus the MusicTech Value award for being ‘attractively priced whilst also delivering great results”.

“All told, the process of recording, mixing and creating music is made beautifully simple in Record, and it would seem to offer real value for money to anyone from a technology-phobic singer/songwriter to a dance producer. Propllerhead has surprised us once again – and in the most satisfying way possible”.

More information:

26.8.09 22:57

Computer Music front cover and Editor's Choice Award for Record

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Propellerhead’s new audio recording package ‘Record’ is featured extensively in the October Issue of Computer Music magazine.

The software (which is released on 09.09.09) not only lands the front cover, but is honoured with an 11-page Computer Music Guide and is also reviewed, receiving a 9/10 rating and the magazine’s awards for ‘Performance’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’. The latter of which is awarded to the best product in the issue.

More information:

20.8.09 09:44

Record reviewed in Future Music (Platinum Award)

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Record has been reviewed in the September 2009 edition of Future Music magazine - earning 9/10 and a Platinum Award.

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29.7.09 09:34

Record Open Beta

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Record Open Beta - your chance to take Record for a test drive until the official release day on Sept 9th, 2009. Follow the link to enter your invite code. Don't have an invite code? Follow the link to apply for one!

20.7.09 17:42

Something exciting happens tomorrow ...

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Keep an eye on :-)

10.7.09 11:20

Latest Record Micro-Tutorial online now

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The latest Record micro-tutorial from Propellerhead focuses on the super-easy-to-use loop and Comp Mode. Learn how to compile the perfect take from multiple recordings!

2.7.09 17:09

Computer Music UK get hands on Record beta

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Computer Music have got their hands on a beta version of Record ... and it's fair to say they like it. You'll have to grab a copy of the magazine to read the full four page article (CM141 August 2009) but here's the conclusion:

"As you'll no doubt have sensed, we're rather excited about Record. It takes all the friendliness, power, simplicity, versatility, ingenuity and stability of Reason and couples that with audio recording, multicore processing, a stunning mixer, some brilliant interface touches and an overall approach that is wonderfully 'Propellerhead'. Needless to say, we'll be bringing you our review of the final release version as soon as we can get our hands on it. Unless something goes very wrong between now and then, we're in for a real treat this September."

1.7.09 21:00

Record and the future of Reason

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Propellerhead CEO, Ernst Nathorst-Böös, clarifies Propellerhead's product roadmap regarding Record and Reason.

Read the full message on the Record Development blog here.

30.6.09 17:46

Over 140,000 views of Record launch video

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Propellerhead's launch promo video for Record has already attracted over 140,000 views on YouTube.

And here it is!

29.6.09 20:23

Sound On Sound posts Record video

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Sound On Sound caught up with Record at the recent London International Music Show at London Docklands.

Watch the video below or click on

28.6.09 23:00

Record beta at London International Music Show

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Sound Technology showed a Record beta at the recent London International Music Show. Thanks to everyone who visited our stand - especially those who came just to see Record :-)


First licence numbers generated in Stockholm :-)

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The computer at Propellerhead HQ in Stockholm produces the first batch of licence numbers!

15:13 posts video from Producers Conference

Posted by Sound Technology News |, the web portal of the UK's Future Publishing, attended the Propellerhead Producers Conference and got this video of Record, plus a short interview the A Guy Called GErald regarding his reaction to Record (he hadn't seen it before the event either!)


Record Micro-Tutorial Video Series

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Get an idea of how Record works with Propellerhead's excellent series of short micro-tutorial videos. There's a new micro-tutorial every week.

27.6.09 22:00

Audience reaction to Record at UK Producers Conference

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And watch what some of the audience (and artists!) at the UK Producers Conference had to say immediately following the launch of Record at the event!


Record is announced! (video)

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See the moment Record is officially announced (at the UK Propellerhead Producers Conference)


UK customers first in the world to see Record

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OK, it was only by a few hours, but thanks to time differences the UK Propellerhead Producers Conference on 9th May 2009 brought Record's surprise announcement to UK customers first.

Producer Conference events were scheduled around the world on the same day, to act as the unexpected announcement of Propellerhead's new music recording software. Our UK event was held at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford with an artist line-up including A Guy Called Gerald, Blu-Mar-Ten, Alex Blanco and Gary Bromham.

Thanks again to everyone who attended for making it a great event. We love the smiling faces as Record is revealed!

26.6.09 17:54

Welcome to the Propellerhead Record UK Blog

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At Sound Technology we're very excited about Propellerhead Record. We've set up this special blog to bring you the latest UK-specific information.

Lots more to come!